The Royal Affair is a unique collection of very special hair care products made for women by women.

Meet the Royals

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All of our products use only the finest ingredients, like henna, argan oil, and macadamia oil, which we ensure are as pure and natural as possible.

And we are a clean conscientious, science-based beauty brand that pays special attention to the environment. So we also take care to package them using smart, recyclable materials.

And Royal because we’re special – because you’re special. We talk about our crowns because that’s what hair is to us. We wear it with pride. It’s rich and majestic, it frames our face and sets off our entire physical and emotional presence, it’s a source of light and life itself.

We like to think of The Royal Affair users as a community – of like-minded women who want to do something good for and feel good about themselves. Because we deserve nothing less. Community, because our products and our entire approach aren’t exclusive but inclusive, because we believe everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and their hair.

Our Queens

Definitely the best hair care I have tried. The mask is phenomenal, the hair just comes to life (after 60 minutes of application). The shampoo and conditioner are also top, the hair smells wonderful, they are soft and supple, which is often a challenge for my curls. And above all I must mention the beautiful packaging that stands out in every bathroom. Definitely royal products worth their name. 👌👑
—Tamara Z.

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