Empowering stories from inspiring women.

Saša Zor

Chat With Saša Zor

We chatted with Saša Zor about beauty, health, healthy eating, and more. Saša is a very interesting woman, so check out what she trusted us with.

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Polona Klančnik

Chat With Polona “Pola” Klančnik

Polona Klančnik is an exceptional personality who has transformed her talent for culinary creation into a successful business and mission. Polo and I got into a very pleasant and honest conversation, which you can read here.

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Jana Koteska

Chat With Jana Koteska

Jana Koteska is an interior designer, stylist, and model. She is an invaluable source of inspiration and a true embodiment of female power! She has a special mission, so we talked to her just before she became a mom for the second time!

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Vesna Elikan

Chat With Vesna Elikan

We chatted with the exceptional Vesna Elikan, who is a real treasure trove of beauty knowledge. Check out what she trusted us with.

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Neli Zovko

Conversation With Neli Zovko

Meet Neli Zovko, a successful entrepreneur and one extremely exceptional woman. She is the face behind the brand The Royal Affair.

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Alja Perne

Chat With Alja Perne

We were chatting with successful influencer Alja Perna, who writes an admirable career story with her own sustainable fashion brand The Base Label.

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