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Jana Koteska
Photo: Nike Koležnik

Jana Koteska is a woman who needs no additional introduction because we know her as a lovely interior designer, stylist and model. But she is much more than that – an invaluable source of inspiration and the living embodiment of female empowerment. Jana is on a special mission because, as a cancer survivor herself, she has been raising awareness of breast cancer for a number of years. You can always notice sparkles of creativity and happiness in her eyes, making the world around her even more beautiful. This is just one of the many reasons why we are proud to have Jana as our third ambassador. Recently, we spent a wonderful morning together and had a little chat, just days before she welcomed her daughter, Iva, to this world!

1. Your favourite beauty ritual?

Currently I enjoy moisturising my baby bump. (laughs) The real beauty ritual mostly takes place in the evening, when I wind down, remove my make-up and apply oil to my face. I devote special attention to certain areas of the face because taking care of it is really important to me. I love that this is when I am alone and have time just for myself.

2. When do you feel most feminine?

If I’m wearing too much make-up or my hair is overstyled, I feel uncomfortable. This is why I feel most feminine when I get myself ready. Natural look means a lot to me and I like to feel comfortable.

3. In difficult moments, I usually lean on ...

Myself. I tell myself that the world will not come to an end, things will wait and I will do my best as I can, that’s it.

4. Have you always liked your hair? What do they represent to you?

My hair represents immense strength and I am lucky that it is strong and thick. When I lost it to chemotherapy, I thought I was going to lose myself, too, but the exact opposite happened. The second the hair fell out, I got a boost of energy. It seemed like special energy was residing within, the old was gone and was replaced by a new one. I realised that I cannot lean on my hair, but instead should always rely on myself and find strength within me.

5. The last bad day and the last good day you had?

This weekend was great as I spent it together with my partner and son Vran. We had a peaceful and relaxed break and got some rest. A good day is any day I feel good, it doesn’t matter whether I’m at home or somewhere else. I actually feel great at home and a lot of things are connected to it, including work. Of course I also like going to work, it brings me immense satisfaction when we finish a successful project, regardless of the fact that it has taken a lot of my time and effort. I could say that I had a bad day last month when I got a cold sore and my immune system weakened because health always affects my well-being. The external factors do not throw me off balance as much as health issues do.

Jana Koteska
Photo: Nike Koležnik

6. The most interesting hairstyle you’ve ever worn?

I’ve always had long but dull hair. (laughs) When I was in elementary school, my mother braided my hair on several occasions because I didn’t like combing and washing my hair, I even cried while doing it. So she found a great solution because the braids lasted longer.

7. Which of your personality traits are you most proud of?

That I find something positive in any situation and say to myself: “Well, if we don’t have this, then we will do something else” and “It’s OK if everything is falling apart, let’s take that as a challenge and it will get better soon.” I always look forward and have my eyes on the goal, without focusing on the negative.

8. Can you share a moment when The Royal Affair brightened your day?

Scent means a lot to me, which is why I like smelling everything, including food. I was captivated by the scent of these products, which doesn’t happen very often because some fragrances can become annoying. I was also fascinated with how soft my hair is after using this mask.

9. I stick to the principle of ...

Reflecting whether something is beneficial for me, what will it bring and how I can use it to make a positive change.

Quick 5:

Jana Koteska
Photo: Nike Koležnik
  1. Hair mask or conditioner? Hair mask.
  2. Banana bread or smoothie? Banana bread, I just made it yesterday. (laughs)
  3. Early mornings or late evenings? Late evenings.
  4. A walk in the city or spending time in nature? Because I live in the countryside, I would choose a walk in the city. But it used to be the opposite in the past.
  5. Hair pinned up or down? I love both styles, depending on the occasion.
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