Neli Zovko

The story of a woman and her dedication to hair care.

The Royal Affair was designed differently than most hair care companies out there. That’s because the products were not created to be commercialized at first.

TRA came as a result of Neli Zovko’s insatiable obsession to find a no-fluff hair care solution to restore and nurture her own sensitive and “untamable” hair.

After a decade researching, studying, and testing nature’s finest ingredients around the globe, it’s in Morocco that Neli fell in love with the incredible benefits of Henna – flower that became a central part in Neli’s hair’s healing and gave birth to The Royal Affair.

Sophisticated yet conscious, our line of products is the result of true hair care mastery carefully formulated in one of the most advanced cosmetic labs.

The difference between our products and other brands’ (besides not using toxic components) is the high percentage of active ingredients in them, making The Royal Affair a must-have self-care ritual for the pickiest women on Earth.

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