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The Royal origin story

We like to say that your hair is the crown you wear every day. This is why we’re always looking for smart, new solutions that treat your crown with the love and respect it so rightly deserves. We at The Royal Affair have been developing our unique collection of hair care products for more than 10 years, looking for the right balance of quality ingredients and effects that would provide the spectacular results we all dream of.

Sleek, silky, shiny, healthy, manageable hair sounds as wonderfully simple as it does laughably difficult. That’s because it is. It’s a simple ask, but a complex task.


Striking that fine balance means bringing the right ingredients together in a mix that answers all of our needs and does so in a way that is best for all of the inputs involved.


The path to Royal care

Our search for the brilliant solution we were looking for took us as far afield as India and Morocco, which taught us the wonders of henna and its near-magical properties; and as close to home as our own back yard, where we arrived at innovative, sustainable packaging solutions. In the process, we only confirmed what we already knew – that no single ingredient or process would meet all of our needs and demanding criteria. In addition to henna, we needed to bring other natural wonders like ricinus oil and argan oil, as well as keratin, and macadamia nut oil into the mix. And that’s when our journey really began, a process of exhaustive, dedicated development; and saw the birth of a new line of hair care products that give us what we deserve – the royal treatment for our fabulous crowns. Ultimately, what we set out to create was a hair care routine that would work for what we like to call our community – a loose, inclusive sisterhood, queens all, that want to do something good, something special, for themselves and their hair. To indulge in a little well-deserved luxury in full, good, affirmative conscience. This is why each product has its own very particular role and purpose, works its own specific magic, and why when used together work to bring out healthy, shiny, glorious hair in all of us.

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