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In one word I was left speechless. Shampoo and Conditioner gave me wonderful volume and soft hair! It truly is Royal pampering of hair right in the comfort of your home.
—Monika P.
I have been coloring my hair for years. And as every woman who dyes her hair knows, over time they become dry and lifeless. Since I don’t mean to give up coloring, I was looking for a line of products that will nourish my hair and restore its shine and life. (I stick to the principle that long hair must be cared for, otherwise it is better to cut it.) What I like most about the shampoo is that I can also use it for my 3-year-old daughter, because it is free of heavy and unnecessary chemicals. Not to mention the smell (p.s. my husband also uses it, even though he is bold he loves the smell).
—Eva M.
Definitely the best hair care I have tried. The mask is phenomenal, the hair just comes to life (after 60 minutes of application). The shampoo and conditioner are also top, the hair smells wonderful, they are soft and supple, which is often a challenge for my curls. And above all I must mention the beautiful packaging that stands out in every bathroom. Definitely royal products worth their name.
—Tamara Z.
The Royal Affair is definitely a game changer for my damaged, colored / shiny and constantly heat-styled hair. I have used hair cosmetics of a higher price range before, but what a noticeable difference on the hair after using The Royal Affair shampoo ... the hair is supple and soft after shampooing, after applying the balm or the masks, however, are truly visibly and sensitively nourished, nurtured, and fragrant. I am sticking to The Royal Affair products and I can't wait for new products in the future (heat protection for the hair would be great #justsayin). Bravo!!!
—Urška L.
The Royal affair- I have the affair with your haircare! I first learned the story of the products, then I tested the products. I was impressed by the fact that behind the products is an in-depth analysis and a professional process of developing a formula that is friendly to our body, as it does not contain foaming agents that disrupt the hormonal balance. The packaging is environmentally friendly and aesthetically designed, which is another plus. But when it came to product testing, I was left speechless. All I can say is WOW and thank you to The Royal Affair team for developing such excellent hair care products for us. The scent is divine and long lasting, the shampoo foams and the hair is fantastic - soft, fragrant, shiny and full of volume.
—Evita Č.
Above all, I was first captivated by the wonderful scent when I applied the shampoo to my scalp, but by the time I finished conditioning my hair, I already felt how my hair was soft and hydrated. The feeling of silky hair and a wonderful scent took over me. I am in love with The Royal Affair new hair collection. What make me extra happy is the fact that packaging is environmentally friendly.
—Nataša B.
The shampoo first fascinated me with a scent that is really special. After use, I am also impressed with the effect, my hair is soft and nourished. I recommend it.
—Jelena M.
I have been using natural hair care for several years now, so the news about the Slovenian line impressed me! Due to hormonal problems with my thyroid, I am prone to hair loss, so in recent years I have been dyeing exclusively with henna. When I saw that the products contain henna, which of course does not color the hair, the joy was even greater! I am aware of the healing properties that henna has on hair. Not to be too long, the shampoo, conditioner and mask impressed me! I look forward to new products because I believe in them. The shampoo foams nicely, the balm nourishes the hair, makes protection so that I don't tear my hair when combing and styling, and the mask is often on my dry hair for at least 1 hour! Simply divine!
—Katarina F.
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