Our Royal commitment

We are a clean, conscientious, science-based beauty brand that pays special attention to the environment.

In our pursuit to find packaging that would be beautiful, feminine, and functional we also wanted to be sure it would be environmentally friendly as well. And while a lot of obstacles appeared along the way we were determined to find a solution. The result of our exhaustive search is a tube made from a single material, which means it’s up to 99% recyclable. What makes this tube different is it uses up to 30% less material for the tube and up to 60% less for the cap. Which is how we arrived at a really good, sleek, and refined-looking tube with that paper feel. It’s a new approach to packaging, and we’re one of the first to launch with it. And it is produced in Slovenia

So, in the end, we did it and are extremely proud that we stayed focused and kept our promise, and created a premium brand of hair care products with Mother Earth very much in mind. And while we’re far from perfect we’ll keep on doing our best – for us all and our precious environment.


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