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Chat with Polona "Pola" Klančnik

Polona Klančnik
Photo: Nike Koležnik

Stories are being written about people like Polona Klančnik, who also goes by the name Pola. Stories of passion, courage and pursuing one’s dreams. Pola is an extraordinary person who turned her culinary talent into a successful business and an amazing mission. Not only is she an expert in sourdough baking, she has also founded a culinary brand PolaBekeraj and even published a cookbook in addition to being a devoted mother and partner. Recently we had a chance to taste her culinary masterpieces and, with our mouths full, held a pleasant and honest interview with Pola. You are kindly invited to read all about it below. It goes without saying that Pola is our fourth ambassador and we cannot wait for you to get to know her better.

1. Your favourite beauty ritual?

This must be bathing! Applying a hair and face mask is my favourite ritual that I like to finish by applying nail polish.

2. When do you feel most feminine?

Well, I guess when my nails are painted because I cannot wear nail polish in my profession. So I only wear it on really special occasions. I also feel feminine when my hair is freshly washed or when I wear make-up.

3. In difficult moments, I usually lean on ...

My husband and my husband only. I can also count on my friends, of course, but my husband is the first person I turn to.

4. Have you always liked your hair?

No, I have never really liked it. There were times when I did, but my perception of hair changed a lot. I have never experimented with hair and have been a blonde all my life. I like to joke that confidence increases with age while ego decreases, so now I can say the exact opposite than in the past, that “my hair is beautiful”. (laughs)

5. The last bad day and the last good day you had?

I stick to the principle of saying that “I had a good day” in the evening, even if it started badly, and make each and every one of them a good day. I don’t remember having a really bad day, one of those when you just want to hide under the covers and refuse to get out of bed. And today is a wonderful day.

6. The affirmation I say to myself most often.

When I’m not feeling well or things don’t go as planned, I say to myself: “Everything will work out, you’re a good person. Just stay that way and, most importantly, stay true to yourself.”

Polona Klančnik
Photo: Nike Koležnik

7. The most interesting hairstyle you’ve ever worn?

Years ago, a hairdresser invited me to be a model at a Sunday fashion show in the Cankarjev dom cultural and congress centre. He dyed my hair violet and brown and gave me a relatively short and asymmetric cut. That happened on a Thursday, but then I went back on Saturday morning and told him to change my hair back to blonde any way he could. Clearly, I never participated in that fashion show. (laughs)

8. Which of your personality traits are you most proud of?

If I die tomorrow, I can say that I am a good person. Most of all, I always say that I am true to myself and at peace with all my flaws and imperfections, which we all have.

9. I stick to the principle of ...

It depends on the type of the decision, but all sides should always be considered. When we make family decisions, I never put myself first because decisions have an impact on all of us. But when they affect me alone, I listen to myself, act on a whim and can be pretty stubborn. I love this quote: “There are no shortcuts to authenticity.” With that in mind, I always try to be authentic in a way, which actually implies being “true to oneself”.

10. Can you share a moment when The Royal Affair brightened your day?

As a businesswoman myself, I know how difficult it is to find a high-quality and visually appealing packaging, and how much creativity and knowledge it takes to create the perfect product. What instantly caught my eye was the quote on the packaging: “Because your crown deserves nothing less.” I knew that the product must have been absolutely brilliant otherwise such a statement wouldn’t be there. And this has proved true, I was soon taken over by its pleasant scent, so feminine and delicate. I must admit that when I am using The Royal Affair products, I find inner peace, lock myself in the bathroom and feel like a queen. This may sound like a cliché, but these products are truly amazing, everything just works. Both the packaging and its contents. When you see the result, you know: This is it.

Quick 5:

Polona Klančnik
Photo: Nike Koležnik
  1. Hair mask or conditioner? Hair mask.
  2. Banana bread or smoothie? Both.
  3. Early mornings or late evenings? Early mornings.
  4. Talking to a friend or journaling? Both, depends on how I feel that day.
  5. Hair pinned up or down? Depends on the occasion, I usually like to have hair brushed back off my face.
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