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Vesna Elikan
Photo: Nike Koležnik

Vesna Elikan is not only a very warm person with whom you could talk for hours, but also a treasure trove of beauty knowledge. She has been sharing her passion for cosmetics with her followers and beauty enthusiasts for years on her IG account @vesnaenviolet. In addition to creating invaluable content on the platform, she is also a skilled translator, to which she devotes a large part of her time. You can quickly notice Vesna’s presence in the room not only because of her kindness and elegant posture, but also because of her mature personality.

1. Your favourite beauty ritual?

I have many beauty rituals because self-care is important to me. It’s a kind of meditation I can practice every single day. I wash my face with water first thing in the morning and use a high-quality cleansing gel in the shower. Applying my make-up and cosmetics is also a special part of my morning and a nice way to start the day. In short, I have a lot of rituals, also when it comes to my hair. I especially adore hair masks I apply before I wash my hair.

2. When do you feel most feminine?

Always! (laughs) Particularly because taking care of myself means a lot to me and I like to feel good in my own skin. This is why I also pay a lot of attention to rituals and good habits, such as good nutrition and exercise.

3. In difficult moments, I usually ...

Rely on my loved ones. I also rely on self-care to help me stay grounded. It gives me time for reflection so I can think about ways of moving forward.

4. Have you always liked your hair? What do they represent to you?

My hair has always been sleek and strong, but I cut it short on several occasions and at one point had a Mohawk haircut. I was never emotionally attached to my hair, but that has changed a bit since I let it grow long. Now I love it and feel as myself the most with long hair.

5. The last bad day and the last good day you had?

It was a great day when Neli, the founder of The Royal Affair, asked me to be involved in this project. I don’t remember having a bad day because I try not to focus on that. The overall impression of life is more important to me.

Vesna Elikan
Photo: Nike Koležnik

6. The affirmation I say to myself most often.

In difficult situations, I always say to myself: “Everything is fine, everything will work out,” and I try to trust my own abilities because we tend to start doubting ourselves in stressful moments. That inner feeling we have tells us a lot and is very important.

7. Which of your personality traits are you most proud of?


8. The most interesting hairstyle you've ever worn?

Perhaps it was the one with the short hair and the Mohawk haircut, but the other experiment was when I did my own balayage. I left the dye on my hair for too long and when I washed it out and realised that it had turned yellow, my heart stopped. (laughs) Again, since I’m not that attached to them, I said to myself: I can always cut them and have a short haircut until they grow back.

Vesna Elikan
Photo: Nike Koležnik

9. Can you share a moment when The Royal Affair brightened your day?

What I love about their products is that they are sophisticated in every detail. First of all, the packaging is very feminine and minimalist, and when you open it, you are immediately taken by the scent. Most importantly, I adore their amazing effect.

10. I stick to the principle of …

I’m a very thoughtful person and make a lot of plans, but, funnily enough, things usually go their own way. Although I have a certain path set out in my mind, I have been trying to focus on the goal lately and not that much on how I will get there. Most of all, I’m trying to enjoy the process.

Quick 5:

  1. Hair mask or conditioner? Hair mask.
  2. Banana bread or smoothie? Difficult choice, but I will say banana bread in the past year.
  3. Early mornings or late evenings? Early mornings.
  4. Talking to a friend or writing your thoughts in a diary? Talking to a friend.
  5. Hair pinned up or down? I usually wear both, so I cannot decide.
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