Hair turban

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With the hair turban, you’ll achieve optimal hair care and protection while enjoying the comfort of natural materials.

Key benefits:

  • Protection for hair after washing, when they are most sensitive.
  • High absorbency prevents hair breakage and unwanted frizz.
  • Quickly absorbs excess moisture, speeding up natural hair drying.
  • Provides a comfortable experience and protects hair from the harmful effects of blow dryers and rough towels.

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Introducing our hair turban, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and from natural materials, providing care and protection for your hair. Made in Slovenia from high-quality materials, waffle cotton fabric and ramie, it ensures a comfortable and breathable experience with every use.

More than just a fashion accessory, the turban is an essential tool for hair care! Your hair is most vulnerable when wet; the turban gently wraps them, avoiding any damage. Thanks to the high absorbency of the material, the turban quickly absorbs moisture, preventing hair breakage and reducing frizz. Moreover, with its easy usage, the turban facilitates faster natural drying of your hair, contributing to maintaining their healthy appearance.

Don’t let your hair be exposed to harmful effects of blow dryers or rough towels for too long. With the hair turban, you’ll achieve optimal care and protection, all while enjoying the comfort of natural materials.



Waffle cotton is a special type of fabric with several characteristic features:

1. Texture
Known for its textured relief resembling a waffle pattern, providing breathability and lightweight feel.

2. Absorbency
Waffle cotton boasts high moisture absorption, making it a popular material for towels and bathroom textiles as it dries quickly and efficiently absorbs water.

3. Breathability
Its texture and structure allow for good airflow, enhancing comfort during wear and use.

4. Durability
Despite its lightweight structure, waffle cotton is typically very durable, enduring frequent washing without quick wear and tear.

Easy Maintenance
Most waffle cotton products are easy to maintain and wash, making them a practical choice for everyday use.


Ramie is a natural fiber derived from the Boehmeria nivea plant or Chinese nettle. Some basic characteristics of ramie textile include:

1. Durability
Ramie is one of the strongest natural fibers, highly resistant to wear and tear, and more enduring than most other natural fibers.

2. Comfort
Ramie is a breathable material, allowing for good airflow, making it more comfortable to wear in warm weather conditions.

3. Moisture Absorption
Despite being naturally breathable, ramie can absorb more moisture than cotton, facilitating quicker drying of hair or skin.

4. Antibacterial Properties
Ramie possesses natural antibacterial properties, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and unpleasant odors.

Care instructions

To maintain the product, we recommend:

  1. Gentle Cycle Washing: Wash the product in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold or warm water and mild detergent suitable for delicate fibers.
  2. After washing, gently squeeze the turban to remove excess water, then air dry. Avoid drying in direct sunlight or using a dryer, as this may damage the fibers.


The hair turban combines optimal care, protection, and comfort, made from natural materials Its high absorbency prevents hair breakage and frizz, quickly absorbing moisture. Crafted from waffle cotton for texture and absorption, and ramie for durability and comfort. We recommend washing on a gentle cycle with cold or warm water and air drying. The turban is an indispensable part of your skincare routine, protecting your hair when they need it the most.



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